HbA1c converter

With support from Anders Björn, professor in mathematics at Linköpings university in Sweden, I have created a converter between all known standards for HbA1c in the world. It also shows a estimate for average glucose that corresponds to a HbA1c. NOTE: These estimations are more unsure, but the best there are as of today (particular remember they are not reviewed for children). More about HbA1c.


Enter HbA1c or glucose below and push enter/go, and it will be converted to all other standards.

Blood glucose


Explanation to the standards. IFCC is international standard and used in many countries. DCCT is American standard and is in some countries called NGSP. Mono-S is the old and previous standard for Sweden. JDS is Japanese standard and is also called JSCC. Glucose is in the majority of the world measured in mmol/L but i.e. USA uses mg/dl.

Sources for formulas, see Anders Björns page. There is also a PDF we have used, smaller deviations can be seen with comparisons between the PDF and the converter due to roundings.